Some online resources for Science teachers

* 2023 National Science Week runs from 12-20 August - the school theme is Innovation: Powering Future Industries.
The focus by ASTA (Australian Science Teachers’ Association) this year will be on the advancement in technology in all industries, especially using artificial intelligence (AI).          

Each year, ASTA produces a resource book to support and assist teachers in providing engaging science activities for their students. Go to:

Plan to participate in this annual event, so that your students can enjoy and explore the wonders and benefits of Science. Why not celebrate 2023 National Science Week by going on a Science excursion?
For example, you could go on a fun park excursion to Luna Park Sydney using  Beyond the Thrills worksheets during August this year.

Around 1000 events take place around Australia during National Science Week each year – and are offered by universities, schools, museums and science centres. Around 160,000 people take part in school activities. Schools around the nation celebrate this week by organising and participating in a diverse range of activities and events to enthuse their students’ interest in science and to encourage them to become fascinated by the world we live in.

The National Science Week website at: will soon be listing many scientific displays, events, debates and a myriad of science shows for National Science Week, targeting children to adults, science amateurs to professionals.

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